York's Leadership Program

York's Student Leadership Program is targeted to enhance leadership, teamwork, and other valuable skills in students.

The program consists of three comprehensive sections including:

  • An intensive co-curricular certificate series
  • A combination of lectures, events, conferences and retreats for students
  • A combination of functional and interpersonal leadership workshops and resources for students governments and clubs

The goals of the program are rooted in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Thus, the program is specifically designed:

  1. To facilitate positive social change at York University or in the community. That is, to undertake actions that will help the community to function more effectively and humanely
  2. To enhance student learning and development; more specifically, to develop in each student participant greater:

Self-knowledge - understanding one’s talents, values and interests, especially as they relate to leadership
Leadership Competence - the capacity to mobilize oneself and others to serve and work collaboratively

The Leadership Program seeks ambitious students who are willing to challenge themselves and grow as a leader as well as an individual.

Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development
S172 Ross Building