Student Paper and Academic Research Kit (SPARK)

SPARK, the Student Paper and Academic Research Kit, is an e-learning resource designed to help students succeed at written academic assignments.

SPARK focuses on the development of academic literacies, such as research, writing and learning skills. SPARK modules are presented in three categories: “Getting Started”, “Exploring” and “Pulling It Together”. These categories loosely model the process of preparing a paper, however we encourage you to browse through topics and jump around to different modules as desired. Academic literacies are, after all, not linear and stepwise in nature.

Each of the 13 SPARK modules require about 8 - 10 minutes to complete the core content, but there are also supplemental resources such as checklists, templates, short videos and other multi-media objects to provide you with additional learning options. Links are also provided throughout the site that will lead you to relevant academic supports available through York’s Learning Commons, including one-on-one assistance, workshops and online chat assistance.